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We are consultants and communicators specialized in idea engineering. Our creative, intelligent, vivid think tank offers our clients a wealth of new ideas and applicable solutions. Our job is to understand complexity and to fully integrate all aspects of the ideas that breathe life into the most profitable and creative strategies possible. We believe that comprehension and the beauty of ideas can make                 
the world a better place. Our capacity for integration and analysis coupled with our marketing and sales expertise allows us to develop full-scale solutions for our clients. By studying complexity and believing in imagination, we aim to create, communicate and convince hearts and minds by advocating the extraordinary and the non-proliferation of the ordinary.


Communication is Art, consulting is Science, hopefully we are both, therefore allowing us to connect creativity, and strategic thinking to construct believable, persuasive, fresh, and original ideas.We understand our clients (their brands, services etc.) and their consumers (we are getting in the consumer's heads) so that we can develop strategies (growth, communication) and help their creative execution. Because complexity
is a must when creating something unique,
we leverage our dual expertise in integration and listening, through an
inside-out approach. We analyse consumer research, study trends, and understand social, political and ecological changes,
all the while monitoring for the faintest signals… Through this comprehensive analysis, we provide the most profitable
and creative business solutions that resonate with consumers to create deep, enduring and enriching relationships.


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How do we see what others cannot?

Idea engineering is a philosophy that allows us to grasp complex concepts by identifying their disjointed elements before harmoniously uniting them.
Through multidisciplinary knowledge, idea engineering offers a holistic, multidimensional, open view. By combining multiple fields of knowledge, our agency can offer a clear vision and a meta-point of view that is critical to finding the necessary solutions.


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By inventing, tracing and guiding,
we are able to provide clients from different industries with a wide variety of solutions. Our tailor made services range from complex situation analysis to the full implementation and supervision of our solutions.

Our services:

(trends, major influences, innovations, creative anticipation)

(communication plans, brand strategy, corporate identity, verbal identity…)
(collateral, websites, packaging, products, commercial & residential spaces)
(logo & identity systems, copywriting, marketing & public relations)
(consultation, product creation, sourcing, graphics, style)


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Banality is our enemy.

We think that brilliant ideas breed extraordinary results. That is why we never work for our clients but with them. We have worked in France and internationally for a wide variety of fields including: humanitarianism, spirituality, BtoB, real estate, local communities, the arts, and luxury goods.


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Laurence Duarte,
founder, consultant and communicator

Laurence has worked as an idea-engineering consultant for eight years and as a communicator for 15 years.  “With my team, we are able to grasp any type of problem in any field, in France or abroad. We have also developed significant collaborations in China allowing us to bring our expertise along with a Chinese network to our clients” Through many fruitful collaborations we have developed an expertise along with a network of partners that we are happy to share with our clients.


Laurence Duarte
Laurence Duarte - Ingénierie d'idées

tél +33 614 945 788- laurenceduarte@me.com
1157 chemin des Collines, 06110, Le Cannet, France

Sound design : Marc Nguuyen-viet
Technical execution : jjd-mutlimédia site web de Rae

Experiences & Expertises

Humanitarian & ethical 
CANNES, Samu social
CANNES, Abbaye de Lérins

Business to Business
MONACO, Mecaplast

Local communities & politics
CANNES : Quartier République
CANNES, Sur les traces de Saint Exupéry
CANNES, Place de l’étang
LE CANNET, Festival musical d’orgue baroque
MONACO Principauté
USA, Provincetown, french-english tourism website

Arts & Culture
PARIS, Giorgio Salvai Antiquaire
BRUXELLES, Foire Grands Antiquaires
SHANGHAI, Rachid Khimoune
SHANGHAI, Exposition Benoit Vermander
SHANGHAI/NICE, Salon Internationale de l’Art Chinois

Luxury & Tourism
PARIS, Yves Delorme
PARIS, Hôtel le Murano
NICE, Hôtel Palais de la Méditerranée
CANNES, Institut Art & Beauté
CANNES, hôtel de Provence
MONACO, Venturi automobiles
ITALIE, Palace Merano
ITALIE, Spa Henri Chenot
USA, Distinctive Inns of Provincetown

Real estate
CANNES, Marly Privilèges

CANNES, Groupe Beverly
CANNES, Palais club
CANNES, Najade 1963 (Mediterranean Luxury Cruise)

High Tech
SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, Application LaCarte

Need a perspective on China?

With the help of our Shanghai-based Asia consultant, Lin Wang, we have developed significant collaborations in China. We can now offer our expertise and our Chinese network for all our projects.
Lin Wang is Shanghai Chinese and benefits from a dual Chinese-European background. Educated in Europe and with over 15 years of experience, Lin has become a respected specialist in development strategies and strategies to help businesses set up a foothold in Asia and in Europe. The city of Shanghai recognized her in 2009 as an “Outstanding Woman,” one of Shanghai’s top ten female entrepreneurs.

« Et la vie dans tout ça ? »

"Et la Vie dans tout ça?" is an original, informative,entertaining collection of writing about the modern life, with different key words as culture, travel, city, work, love… The book also provides answers to some key questions. How improve your quality of life? How do you run your life? How do you do really well? Where is the best area to travel? Why culture is good for you? With an upbeat view, the book gives new insights on the modern society behavior.

« Et la Vie dans tout ça ? »
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